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October 08, 2010


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Julia !

I am so glad you introduced me to them back in 2007. And thanks to this post, I now have a new mix for my long drive up the turnpike this weekend. Thanks dude! Thanks Mors Ontologica!

Julia !

Derrr. I meant to say "July" not "2007".


Way to blow your street cred, Julia. I didn't even blink when you said 2007! -mike

Mike S.

Mike Lupica praises a band and posts a best-of? I'm in. It's been about 2 minutes, so good so far. Will advise. Thanks!

Mike S.

It may be that I just finished a 10-hour drive and that I'm trying out stuff to counteract the caffeine, but I'm liking this a lot! Thanks again!


Awesome, glad you're diggin' it, Mike. Definitely check the live sets and the "Used Kids Sessions" EP, also available in the FMA.

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