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July 12, 2010


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Great post Mike. Bryan Ferry was my first serious music crush - I was lucky enough to see them at Radio City on the Avalon tour and *hated* the girl who rushed the stage and grabbed Mr. Ferry's sweaty tuxedo-ed form. In HS I would sit in the dark in my bedroom, listening to "Siren" through headphones, escaping and yearning. Perhaps it is the verity of that yearning - that wanting expressed in a sometimes cynical but never ironic voice - that allowed Roxy Music to make lyrics about nightlife, etc. seem so relevant and penetrating. Summing up the hope of each day/night covered with a slight veneer of protective distance - but knowing that it won't really help. BTW, I always liked their post-Eno albums better than the rest of their stuff. And the woman in the Avalon video was drop-dead gorgeous and beautifully dressed - a nice break from the other "chicks" on MTV during that time. Thanks!


I shoulda known you'd come forward with the reasoned and fascinating talking points, Martha... Awesome! Thanks! -mike

kate mckinnon

I love you. And I agree that it is difficult to grasp Roxy as a teenager; like you, I was around 30 before I really saw; it was like seeing the ocean and saying "yah, the ocean, it's nice" and then putting your face under the water, and seeing that there was another freaking world down there.

I think that it's taken me the full span of my life to begin to really understand the whole Ferry catalogue... some of it I skip, thinking it's fluff, but even records like Manifesto have something there.

I've taken Ferry like a drug; he has expanded my horizons and allowed me to see him from the inside out. It's a bonus that he is so beautiful, but I like to think I'd love him if he was not.

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