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March 20, 2010


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Chris Mohr

Wow! This is fantastic, as a window into the past. (The songs on this segment, meh, not so much.) I started listening to WPRB as a high school freshman in the fall of 1980, bored out of my mind by WMMR and WYSP, AOR out of Philly, and WPLJ, ditto out of New York. (I never liked WNEW in NYC, even in my deepest classic rock phase in middle school, probably because they played too much Springsteen.)

I haven't thought about Josh Weller (Willer?) in a looong time. I probably sent my list of top 10 albums of 1980 to 'PRB that year in response to announcements like that one in the clip!

Some names I remember from then would be Tom Burka and Andrew the English grad student whose last name I can't remember.

I remember much better the crop of DJs who would have been frosh or sophs that year: rockers like Mark Dickinson and Death Ray Gonzalez, and prog rockers like Allen Flippen and Bill Rosenblatt. They were the ones I listened to constantly for the next four years, along with later arrivals like Rockin' Tim Kastelle (hi, Tim!).

Andrew the grad student voiced the ad for New Order's debut at City Gardens. I didn't even know Ian Curtis had killed himself until Andrew mentioned it in the ad.

This a tangent, but the other day I was in a Whole Foods and over the general hubbub I detected the opening chords of "Love Will Tear Us Apart." It's scary to be target-marketed to so accurately. I was an alterna-teen, so now they know I must be an organic produce buyer! Argh. Time for a Jolt Cola and a Twinkie?

Tim Kastelle

Coming from out of state, I only heard of most of the people that were around this early, never actually heard them directly. The DJs from the class of '84 group were remarkable though (Mark, Death Ray and Alan, but also Billy Disease, Chuck Steidel and Brita Meng). They, along with Bill, were the ones that taught me how to do stuff.

I still find it a bit strange taht anyone listened to me though!

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