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November 05, 2009


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J Goh

What a great list Mike. It brings back some fond memories. I remember being there for the Sonic Boom interview (1992/93?) at the station and he was indeed unwell. I think I also saw him at Coney Island? Oh City Gardens, what a place - the Nirvana show there was one of my all time favorites. I love your idea of mental housecleaning.

Now picture yourself wearing a Baby Bjorn with an infant and being at all of those same shows.


Oh yeah, I also never went to Lollapalooza. -mike


I was just talking about that Spectrum show! Dear friend who is also world's biggest Spectrum/Spacemen 3 fan still remembers that as the best show of all time. (Actual quote.)

Thanks for informing me why I have no memory of Die Kreuzen's set - the Doughboys were indeed there, though, and awesome.

Oh, and I saw The Hellacopters again a few years ago - sadly they had become really, really, boring.

Don't stop! More, please!


As I remember it, Sonic Boom never did an in-studio interview, but did visit the lovely Holder bathroom and then headed for the exit. That was the evening of the Coney Island show, and included commentary by two local DJs while many DJs (and Mr. Kember) were headed up to Brooklyn. There was later a long-distance, pre-recorded phone interview (much of which was transcribed for a Program Guide).

And I have exactly the same memory of the Sebadoh show at the Solomon house. I reviewed it at the time on a mailing list, resulting in a flame-war with Lou's then-girlfriend. Apparently, Lou thought we (attendees) were all stuck up and not friendly toward him, and then he freaked about the vocal PA crapping out. Just what I needed while trying to finish my thesis.


I am amazed by how healthy and young Sonic Boom looks, despite his notorious reputation. Wikipedia says he was born in '65, yet as of last summer's ATP, he still resembled a strapping lad of his late 20s.

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