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October 07, 2009


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Tom Sarago

Great idea. Keep these up please!!


Very accurate description of the US Maple show, they were awesome - though perhaps you ought to stay away from Philadelphia. Also, didn't we (you, me, and Greg) all see Man or Astro-Man at Terrace when the singer referred to Greg as Bill Gates for not kneeling with the rest of the masses on command - or am I remembering this one wrong?


Martha: I don't remember that one, but it certainly *sounds* like something our pal Greg would do! -mike

Rose from Poster Children

#32. Are you sure it wasn't me doing the butterfly kick? That would seem more accurate (and dorky).


Rose: Perhaps you joined in at the end. I can't be sure, as this was a long time ago. (Terrace Club, Princeton NJ. Maybe 1994?) At no point during the evening, however, were either of you referred to as "Daniel-san". -mike


Haha! They *did* look like Muppets!

Love this ongoing series - you're jogging my own faulty memory in rather satisfying directions. More, please.

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