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September 23, 2009


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This is the most nostalgia'd nostalgia I've ever nostalgia'd! Congrats on the kid. -- rj

Jon Solomon

Believe it or not, the Econochrist/Monsula/Nuisance show was in Carlisle, PA - just west of Harrisburg and still a few hours from Pittsburgh.

15 paying customers is a generous over-estimate.


Thanks, Jim. And you're right -- for all my railing against nostalgia, I am totally pitching myself into its gooey center headfirst with these posts. But in my defense, I'm doing so in order to prevent becoming one of those hateful morons who hangs around the local bookstore, record shop, bar, or college radio station, babbling incessantly about "the glory days". I hate people like that, and would never want to become one of them. As I explained in the intro to part one of this series, the reason I'm typing all this stuff out now is to rid my brain of such cumbersome baggage. So why these stories inparticular? Well, some people find such chatter interesting, as evidenced by my Google traffic reports. If I'm guilty of anything, it's for making a cheap grab at earning more blog-traffic. As such, you may now officially hate the playa. -Mike


HARRISBURG! That's right -- thank you, Jon. I will always defer to you on Pennsylvania geography, as mine is sketchy at best. -Mike

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