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September 21, 2009


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Nice post! And good luck with impending fatherhood, that's great news. My son just turned 3 and we may have another one on the way too (still pretty early, but keeping fingers crossed).

mr mike

First: Congratulations and good luck with the kid, Mike!

Actually, that's all I got besides sighing and saying good times, good times. City Gardens was really somethin' else, huh?


Holy crap, I was talking about that Gaunt/Ohio show YESTERDAY. Oddly, I completely forgot about "Move Right In" (not much of an impression, apparently), and I swear we left there at 4am, but I definitely recall griping about the 452 filler bands (I'm still angry about that); being wildly entertained by a surprisingly talented street comedian (I think it was at that show?); that you were flying out for the family Euro-tour the next (same) day; and that we swore up and down never to go back to CBGB again. (Though didn't we break that with a Jawbox show later, when Joan Jett showed up? Or was that earlier?)

I, for one, didn't feel that bad when it closed.

Here's one for the next round: Frodus causing weather turbulence at that weird hotel in...where the hell was that? The Poconos?

Btw, please expect a CBGB onesie (or 12) for your rocker-to-be. I believe it has to be done.

Chris Mohr

Congrats on the baby! And thanks for the admission about not going to shows much any more... it's comforting to us 43-year-olds.

I think I was at that Ramones show. It was absolutely one of the loudest shows I ever saw. I regularly bounced around in the moshpit at City Gardens but I was out of my league at that show. Too tall and way too skinny!

My first show at City Gardens was Flipper. Also left indelible late adolescent impressions, including a right ear that never worked quite as well thereafter because the darn bass was so frickin' loud and monotone.

Brian Frickert

Congratulations, Mike!


Jen: Right you are about the filler bands. I wouldn't be surprised if Shirley Temple of Doom and Pope Salad also made appearances on that bill. In recent years, I've mentioned that show to Eric from the NBT and he swears they went on stage at 2:30 AM, so maybe it just *felt* like 4 AM after enduring Rollins. Indeed, the homeless guy outside on the Bowery "took our picture" with a camera made of Evian and Poland Spring bottles, then yelled at some less talented guy who simply walked up to us and grunted with an outstretched cup. And finally, I believe the Joan Jett show was earlier -- I wasn't around for that, anyway. As far as I recall, I did not return to CBs again until a few weeks ago, when I walked in to the stupid fashion joint it's been turned into to have a look around. Efforts to pee in a corner and write "Cro Mags" on the wall in paint pen were quickly thwarted by security.

Jon Solomon

I would give you $1 if you could find the full bill for that CBGB show.

Jon Solomon

Could this have been it?!



Jon: Yep, that's it. I still have that poster! But the fact that it neglects to mention the presence of the Rollins Band on the bill nullifies its value, as far as I'm concerned. -mike

Bela Koe-Krompecher

Zipgun and Gorilla played Columbus two nights prior, with Gaunt if I am correct. You all have better memories than me, I was at that CGGB show and all I remember is being horrified at the bathroom.
-Bela, from Columbus


Bela: Don't worry... Short of getting beaten up, you got the quintessential CBGBs experience by taking a leak there. -mike

Tom Sarago


No kidding about this blog. I used to shop in Used Kids all the time (circa 1996-1998) and remember Jerry quite well. We taped each other a couple records; I remember giving him a swell Jawbreaker mix. Gaunt live was something else.

Anyways, it's this (and Bela's) blogs are outstanding reads. Thanks.

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