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July 14, 2009


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Dan B

I love to add oats, minced mushrooms, and minced onion. To those who cry "meatloaf!" I say, "Bah! Get real tastebuds!"


Oats!!! Why didn't I ever think of that??!!!


I have this odd book by Bert Bacharach (no, not that one) called "Book for Men: Stag Lines for Men for Every Occasion, at Home or Abroad" - picked it up at a junk shop. In its chapter on food, entitled "The Stag in the Kitchen," it actually suggests adding bourbon (and a lot of it - 1.5 T for two patties) to hamburger meat. Have yet to try it - I think one might need a fire extinguisher nearby -


Obvious but delicious: minced onion, chopped jalapenos, shredded cheddar and worcestershire sauce. If anybody asks what's in them, I'm like, "it's a secret" and then they just assume it's something exciting like cocktail sauce or oats.


The idea of bourbon-flavored burgers is tempting, but also troubled by some very basic science which, like you, makes me worry it would all just end in flames. Nevertheless, on a slow day, I just might try it! Maybe throwing in some Worcestershire along with it would finally offer paydirt?

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