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July 27, 2009


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Tim Kastelle

Funny that you played a song from Electrical Storm - I was thinking about that record when we had our brief exchange about The Saints a bit ago. The rep from TVT records gave me a bunch of crap for not playing All Fools Day when it came out and said that I just wanted them to sound like they used to - I told him that wasn't it at all - that I just wanted them to sound GOOD. And I used Electrical Storm as an example of how they could sound different but still be great. He didn't really take my point....


Tim: That pretty much sums it up perfectly. I'd argue that the first three Saints records (the ones Kuepper plays on) are actually all pretty different from one another, but boast a sonic progression from one to the next that most clear-headed bands would kill for. Granted, those records were way before my time, but by working backwards through history, they lead me to awesome Kuepper side projects (the Aints, Laughing Clowns) and solo records -- all of which totally have their own thing going on, and remain impressively compelling. The post-Kuepper Saints records on the other hand... Not so much.

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