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June 30, 2009


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Kenzo (lastever.org / kenzodb.com)

Glad to know remix rights have been granted for that odd Edith Frost version...although it would seem I already remixed the original version, many years ago.

Find it in the below show, within a strange show that was related to a "children's" show I'd done on the air the night before. This time, I played the kind of music I liked to hear as a child instead:

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza from 8/6/2003:
"Rainbow Dementia (Kids are strange)":

Playlist: http://counterfolk.com/ken/extrav/030806.shtml


Cool, thanks for the tip Kenzo! The FMA tracks were actually my first exposure to her music, but I like everything I've heard lots. -mike

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