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May 04, 2009


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Here's a weird thing - just today on the drive home I was thinking about whether or not I should get a Radio Birdman tattoo. I ended up going with 'no' on that, but if I do get a tattoo, that's what I'd get.

Which Celibate Rifles record did you get? They're still putting out pretty good records. I don't know if it's widely available over your way, but A Midstream of Consciousness from a couple of years ago is their best record in quite a while.

ECSR is probably my current fave from Oz too...


The Rifles record I bought was "Roman Beach Party", from 1987, and the song that hooked me (via WPRB) was "Jesus on TV". (STILL a terminal favorite, even 20+ years later!)

I've never seen "A Midstream of Consciousness" in a store, but I played WFMU's copy on the air a few times and liked it lots. The last LP I paid attention to in its entirety was "Spaceman in a Satin Suit", which came out in the mid-90s and was totally on-par with their old stuff. That I have never seen the Celibate Rifles perform live is one of my most severe regrets in life.


I've never seen them either, and I regret it too. They still play around Oz sporadically, and they do a traditional show every boxing day in Sydney where they'll play a selected album in its entirety. I may have to subject my severely battered eardrums to one more show though - I'd love to see them or Birdman. Or both.


In Baltimore, we just started this utterly nerdy but awesome mix trading club, and ECSR are my favorite discovery up to this point.

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