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May 13, 2009


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Tim Kastelle

You're right about how well it all fits together - I Shoulda sounds just as good as all the older ones. Damien Lovelock does commentary on sporting events here on the 'alternative' tv station SBS. He's actually pretty good at it. They show the Super Bowl every year, and unlike most sports guys, he doesn't pull any punches. If the game is done at halftime, he'll say it. He has probably spent a bit too much time at the beach, but he's still a pretty excellent guy to have around.

And also, you should have moved to Australia! It's great down here...

Tim Kastelle

Oh, also, have you seen this site Mike?


It's pretty much the essential guide to Oz rock...

Crawford Smith

I saw the Rifles 6 or 7 times in both London and Sydney during the 1980's and still 20 years later they are some of the best rock shows i ever saw, just a great band :)

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