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April 29, 2009


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Tim Kastelle

Hey Mike - thanks for the mention! I always figured that there would be at least one or two people listening - good to hear that this was true, and even better to hear that you went out and did yourself! A NoMeansNo Spotlight would've been worthwhile, with or without mic breaks if you ask me. Cheers- Tim (or, I suppose now it would be 'Readin' Writin' Teachin' Birdin' and still Occasionally Rockin' Tim)

Ken Katkin

Although I too have lost touch with her now, I can tell you that DJ Corey M (who hailed from Florida) moved to Chicago when she graduated from Princeton. In Chicago, she was a regular player in my bi-weekly poker game (as was her fellow former WPRB DJ and difficult listening enthusiast Ken Yao). She was still in the Windy City when I moved away in 1996, but that's the last I heard from her. Thanks as always for the awesome post!


The other half of the Three Bad Sisters was Julianne, a grad student in the astrophysics department. She's now at the University of Washington and discovered a comet (since named for her).

I recall hearing that Corey went on to med school, perhaps after the stint in Chicago?

Ethan Stein

Great post. This is not relevant, but I saw Helen Petroff a few years ago on Jeopardy! As for Corey, I haven't been in touch with her for many years, but I appreciated her shows a lot too.


I'm sorry, did you say a COMET??! Wow. -Mike

Chris Mohr

Wow! How random is it that I decide to Google Helen Petroff and find this post only one day after it was published? She was a great person to be around. We painted the WPRB studios purple in the summer of 1983, I think it was.

Her stint on Jeopardy is recorded on a website, too.

Yes, agreed, nice post. Thanks for the perspective.

Hi, Tim, Ken, and Ethan!

-- Chris Mohr, WPRB alum, 1984-88; and an obsessive WPRB listener in my high school years in Bridgewater, NJ, 1980-1984...


Hey SKM, I seem to recall you hosting an edition or two of Spotlight. Can you refresh my memory? -Mike


I was just going to mention Three Bad Sisters, which was one of my favorite WPRB shows of an amazingly solid on-air lineup. I tried never to miss that show or the Raw Deal.


I certainly did a few Spotlights, though I can't remember the subjects now. I might even have been the PD who placed the show on the schedule. WPRB couldn't do most of those shows today, thanks to the DMCA's insipid "sound recording complement," unless it turned off the webstream for the hour (or got advance permission from the subjects).

I have almost no airchecks in my crate of cassettes, and definitely no Spotlights. There's one from spring '94 (when some guy was supposedly replaying my airchecks for "Radio Jedna" in the Czech Republic), another from the day I killed Sunday opera with a three hour, three-movement Dead C-inspired audio landscape... otherwise, I only have the fading memories.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that detail of the DMCA... I think it comes shortly after the part about chopping down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring, right?

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