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March 07, 2009


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Sweet! Both forms of duck byproduct look fabulous. Enjoy the golden riches!


Thanks! I'm not quite sure why my rendered duck fat didn't turn gold in color as had been predicted, but the fried breakfast potatoes I whipped up this morning were pretty damn godhead anyway. To make them, I heated about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the duck fat in a heavy skillet, and then sauteed some garlic, shallot, and a decent handful of fresh rosemary. While that was cooking, I microwaved two red potatoes for three minutes, diced them up, and then added them to the skillet. Because I can never resist deglazing a pan that's got crusty garlic and onion stuck to it, I busted out the white wine (invoking the "it's noon somewhere" turn of phrase), and added a splash to the rapidly cooking potatoes. When they were nearly cooked through, I notched up the heat to high so as to give them a nice brown finish. Some sea salt and red pepper flakes rounded out the seasoning. There were eggs, toasted focaccia, and some Canadian bacon too. I am totally going to have a heart attack.

Liz F.

Please DO NOT have a heart attack, we would be bereft w/o this artery-clogging blogging. I once went to a cooking lesson with Jacques Pepin and he made chicken cracklings in the oven. They were good, but your duck crackling bacon sounds much better.


Thanks, Liz! I'll do my best, but there's only so many salads a guy can blog about before his stats start heading south...

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