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March 31, 2009


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Hey, it's a decent song, so give yourself a break Mike. We all surrender to this kind of thing once in a while. Plus Norah Jones is no Mariah, she was, after all in that Wong Kar-Wai film (though I don't know if it was any good.)


Thanks, Wm. I hope the fact that I broke down and bought the song from Amazon doesn't change your forgiving ways. -mike


I quite liked My Blueberry Nights, though Norah Jones was the least interesting aspect of it. But she was an appealing blank, and I think that was Wong Kar-Wai's design.


and here i was thinking you were in dc because the feelies were playing at the 9:30 club. it was a great show, btw.


Dominic: The only show I ever saw in DC was Fugazi in Ft. Reno Park. This was in 1990 or '91, and a friend and I stumbled into the show totally by accident. (The flyer for it is among those scanned here: http://hiptran.typepad.com/blog/2009/01/old-flyers.html )

But that's a blog post for a whole 'nother time. Glad to hear the Feelies were great! -mike

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