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February 26, 2009


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I recently had the pleasure of getting a real pro checkout girl. She unpacked my basket in a particular order, then, seeing me at the downstream end, ready with my own bag, said, "Watch out. I go fast."

Then she proceeded to whiz everything past the scanner in about 8 seconds. It was impressive. I love seeing someone who takes pride in their work and actually has a system. (She grouped together all the veg, all the canned goods, etc., before starting.)

Too bad she's the _only_ checkout girl I've ever seen with this attitude.


In a perfect world, everyone would know the staff at the supermarket well enough to consider previous encounters before choosing a checkout line. My wife thinks I'm totally crazy for sometimes joining a longer line that's staffed by a "better" cashier. Vindication shall be mine!

Liz F.

Mike L, you are hilarious.
I once left my entire cart's worth of groceries on the Key Food cashier's stand while she twiddled her hair and screamed that famous phrase: I NEED THE KEY...

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