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January 14, 2009


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lex dexter

wow, i bet that vintage Jesus Lizard/Helmet set sucked, huh? damn.

Jon Solomon

Finally, the "Fugazi in Palmer Square" flyer is up for all to see!


Lex: The Jesus Lizard/Helmet gig marked the occasion of my 21st birthday. I don't remember much about it, actually, but I know I ate a then-perceived-as "fancy" meal at TGI Friday's prior my arrival at the club.

Jon: Did you go to that Fugazi show? Do you remember if they played "Bulldog Front"?


Hey Mang, Rusty here aka "John" aka "tcylinder" former singer of long defunct Transilvia. Cool posters. Man, you were there for the pinnacle of New Brunswick's music scene. Thanks for putting the flyers up. Do we know each other?

Niece Katy

I don't see the Cramps or Citizen Fish.

Those are the two that left the biggest impression on 7-year-old me.


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