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January 10, 2009


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Oh my. That looks delicious.

I often shop in the Tribeca Whole Foods because it's on my way home. My biggest problem with it is that, despite having an entrance on Greenwich, the store conspires to dump you out on the windswept and desolate West Side Highway.


"...tend to avoid it in the same way that others avoid open-mouth kisses from people with visibly bloody teeth."

Whoa. That's some visceral writing


Therese, I hear ya loud and clear. Because I wound up not buying anything there, I tried to exit far from the register lines and somehow wound up in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Patrick: Oh sure, like that's never happened to you.


I'm not much of a fan of duck, but the article was fun to read anyway. And now I know to look out for that harvest grain blend next time I'm at Trader Joe's.

Where do you get your garlic? I'm so tired of bland cheap Chinese garlic that dominates every ordinary supermarket and tastes like cardboard. I don't get a chance to get to a farmer's market very often, but last time I bought some expensive local garlic at the Union Square Greenmarket, it was amazingly good. It was sort of like the difference between The Wire and CSI: Miami, flavor-wise. And I didn't need to use much of it in any given dish because it was much more flavorful than the cheap stuff, so effectively, it didn't end up being very expensive after all. But I usually can't remember to get down to Union Square before the farmers go home. I wish they sold local garlic in supermarkets. Maybe I should put some dirt in a pot and try growing my own.


I like the fancy plates.

Irwin Chusid

How did you know the Garden of Eden offered such choice daffybird? Intuition, sir?


Irwin: Some homeless guy hanging out in the parking lot of the Burlington Coat Factory told me, weirdly enough.

Niece Katy

I miss the roaring 90s so much that I watched four VHS tapes this weekend and pretended my 49-cent Recession Seltzer was Crystal Pepsi.


Hi there -

That looks amazingly good, I have to say, and the sauteed kale looks great. One tip - given your at home cooking interests these days - is to save the duck fat and render it - just put it in a good pan (with a little water I think - haven't done it for a while) and heat not too high - it takes a while but you will be left with a nice amount of duck fat along with a small piece of cripsy duck skin. Pour off the fat into a container and refrigerate - then you can use it to fry up potatos. This is EXCELLENT, they come out super crispy and tasty.

And I totally agree w/ you re: Moosewood. There was some review in the New Yorker the other day of The Joy of Sex and - through a connection I can't quire remember - somehow wound up talking about how everything in Moosewood is improved w/ bacon -

- M.


Amazingly, I did happen to save the duck fat in a freezer bag because I suspected it might come in handy for something along these lines... Seriously, this is all totally excellent information -- muchas gracias!

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