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December 31, 2008


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Jon Solomon

Without checking my library for something that trumps it, "11:59 Its January" by Scrawl is potentially my favorite New Year's Eve song. I think it fits nicely between the above selections.


Which record is that on?


Nice article!

Why bother with PDFs when you have perfectly good JPEGs? I hate Adobe's dead-slow resource-hogging Acrobat and their stupid PDFs which crash everything.


I can't believe you didn't mention Starlite Desperation's "New Year's Bathroom Magic," if only in the context of an underground vomitorium.

(That Scrawl song was on the Working Holiday split with Versus - for January, of course.)

Did you take that Champagne photo?? Damn.


I would have mentioned the Starlite Desperation, but I don't have an MP3 of that track. Agreed, it is pretty much the greatest NYE song of all! Now the real question is: did you already know which record the Scrawl song came from, or did you have to go dig out the singles and check? And good god, no, I didn't take the photo. My food/drink photography efforts tend to resemble roadkill/pee.

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