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November 13, 2008


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Jason Das

Looks great! I'm gonna try this out soon.

John Clements

Minor note from a CS geek. You write: "That's a sign that this is a powerful app that's deservedly drawing a lot of juice, but never at the expense of sputtering MP3s or inexplicable crashes." Well, it could be... it's more likely a sign that no one spent the time to optimize the mac version; I betcha there are a bunch of busy wait cycles in there.

That's entirely orthogonal to the utility of the thing, of course, and I'll cheerfully recommend this product to others. All the best...


Point taken, my good man. You busted me talking tech matters that are waaaay over my head!


At last, a free simplified version of Traktor! Must download. Must put bigger hard drive into laptop...

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