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October 31, 2008


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Jon Solomon

Saw it in the theater at the Jamesway cinema in E. Brunswick.

Matthew Robb

and i remember seeing it in ft worth texas - pretty sure it was at the theater on camp bowie but it might have been 7th Street. three makes a pattern - has the impact of this film on future indie/punk rock djs / aficionados been fully explored?

i confess i remember the title as simply 'victory.'


Amazing! I don't think I ever saw it in a theater, but associate it more with my recollections of 1980s cable television. (Where, as Matthew has noted, it was referred to simply as "Victory" -- not "Escape to Victory".)

The reason it came up was a discussion I had about the scene where Michael Caine breaks the arm of one of his teammates, so as to corroborate a story with their German captors. That freaked me out at least until the summer after 7th grade.

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