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April 29, 2008


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Thanks for the mp3 and Greg's eye witness account. Great stuff. A few things to clarify: the 1998 US tour only had an east coast leg, and the two Brownies shows were always part of the itinerary (they weren't added later as you suggest). They did indeed play only one of the scheduled gigs there, however. The on stage brawl on the 7th continued back at the hotel before management finally called the cops and Mark was arrested. He spent about 48 hours in NYC lockup near the WTC. Steve, Karl, and Tommy Crooks quit and flew back to Manchester.

The keyboard player was Julia Nagle, not Marcia Schofield. MES's black eye at Coney Island High was allegedly due to her hitting him with a telephone, so you can see the tour didn't get off to the best of starts. I was at both of the Coney Island shows and the second started really late - about 1:30 am I think - due to Mark oversleeping at the hotel. The tour had a few halfway decent gigs: the Middle East, Cambridge, Mass. was pretty good (the third one I caught), and the DC show was good, too, judging by the recording.

The new album, Imperial Wax Solvent, out yesterday in the UK, is just great! The best in many years. I don't know what's up with US distribution though.

I'll stick a link to your mp3 on the Fall news tomorrow. Thanks again.



Thanks for this re-account of these shenanigans a decade back :)
A few more things to clarify and add to Stefans reply: the UK tour prior to the US had also been a shambles, as the group had received a large VAT/TAX bill and were not happy chickens (threats of houses being lost etc. were the main topic of conversation or argument). Also, regarding to the incident at the beginning of the US tour, I defended myself with my fists during an argument about sharing a room with Mark and in the morning he had a black eye from that fracas. (there were many fracas's during this time in The Falls history and they were nothing to be proud of). The Unutterable album released later, was something to be proud of though.
I am having to address some of these matters again as not only is it a decade ago, but Mr Smith has a new book out and also talks about this time in the groups history.. I haven't read it all yet, but I'm glad they changed the title to 'Tales of Mark E Smith' rather than the 'Gospel According to Mark E Smith' (as was the original title) as it isn't that factual but is an entertaining read!
Thanks again.

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