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February 25, 2008


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christopher j. wauben

People really need to check out the Ziggy Saunders "Write In Protest Vote" against the 2 party system.

Finally a canidate who tells it like it is no BS. He vows to give the Middle Finger to the Two Party System and to Lead a Revloution at the Voting Booths this November.

Check out these two YouTube videos of Ziggy



and his page at



Hooray for Google Alerts!


I have this theory that the real Ralph Nader is locked in a basement somewhere and the guy who was on Meet the Press on Sunday is really Karl Rove in a Nader mask.

Kenzo (lastever.org / kenzodb.com)

"I was one of the thousands who helped jinx a Gore presidency..."

That's funny, last time I checked, (good-looking corporate candidate) Gore received more votes than (ugly corporate candidate) Bush. It seems it was something other than voting that led Bush to nonetheless be appointed president, if I recall...

But let's go on ostracizing those who have been willing to stand up and say what's actually going on rather than focusing on the outrageously broken system we're in.


I'm all for Nader's stern criticisms of The System. But as recent history has revealed, making such criticisms as a Presidential candidate is perhaps one of the least effective platforms from which to do so. As an obvious example, Gore's greening efforts in the mainstream will have a far more lasting effect than anything he accomplished when he was In Office.

Also, I think Ralph Nader is quite handsome and professorial. Much moreso than Al "My Hair Tonic Exploded All Over My Head" Gore.


"But as recent history has revealed, making such criticisms as a Presidential candidate is perhaps one of the least effective platforms"...

That's where you lose me. Nader was not to blame for Gore not becoming president. 5 members of a 9-member Supreme Court appointed Bush president, and Gore declared that he accepted the decision, screw the counting of the popular vote! Maybe Gore could've had a bigger impact by actually standing up for democracy.


True, but now we're sinking into details that I didn't address in the original post. If Nader had (more constructively) applied his influence outside of the presidential race, the count between Bush and Gore would not have been so close as to involve the courts in the first place. I agree that the presidency was ultimately handed to Bush by the court, and at the concession of the Democrats, neither of which I approve of or would defend.

However, I also firmly believe that the last eight years have cast a more illuminating light on Nader's "there's no difference" argument. As I think most of the American and Iraqi families who have been forever changed by personal loss of life tragedies would agree, the difference is quite palpable. Had the nation's highest office been held by a more sensible and reasoned public figure -- the sort that Gore has repeatedly proven himself to be -- I do not think we would be in the same grim situation that we are currently in the midst of.

What continues to disturb me far more than any of these nefarious details is the painfully horrible truth that so very many people voted for Bush in the first place. THEY are the ones whom I am truly baffled by.

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