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December 02, 2007


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Brian from Arlington

Pitching a no-hitter beats my having talked my way out of a trespassing charge in Colonial Williamsburg while zooted on Robitussin.

Even if it was against the Padres.

We still miss you on the air, Mike.

Irwin Chusid

As a baseball historian (SABR since '82) and fan (in the 19th century we were known as "cranks"), I've come across the Ellis incident numerous times. I've read the accounts, and confess to longstanding skepticism. The only person who really knows how fucked up Ellis was, is Ellis, so history is at the mercy of a biased witness whose veracity cannot be affirmed. As a former LSD enthusiast ('69-'75) in my hippie days (don't ask), I'm familiar with behavior under the influence. I'd never touch the stuff again, and don't recommend usage: its short-term effects are unpredictable, and its long-term impact unforeseeable, i.e., it's dangerous stuff. But as an ex-recreational user, based on my own experiences, I feel that either Ellis is full of shit, or he was pitching that day on a dose of weak shit. No way anyone's taking the mound in MLB and going the distance on acid. File under: Urban Legend.

Mike Lupica

Maybe so, but still: Great Barbara Manning song, right? RIGHT??!

Irwin Chusid

I concede your point, Mr. Lupica.

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