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August 03, 2009


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holy crap i can't believe you played that scritti politti song! i think i had that on a promo cassette put out my NME magazine back in the day - if not that, another similar compilation. i can remember hearing that song for the first time like it was yesterday - what a gem. thanks.


Awesome, thanks Ricky! I've had that song on the brain since watching the amazing Rough Trade records documentary. (Which features its backstory rather prominently, and to fascinating effect.) Check it here, if you haven't seen it already: http://hiptran.typepad.com/blog/2009/04/rough-trade.html

Tim Kastelle

Geez - I finally found time to listen to a whole show! Nice one too Mike... A couple of quick comments:

- NTT DoCoMo is the biggest mobile phone carrier in Japan, just in case the need for that fact ever arises again
- I'd like to request pictures of Diana Rigg in all future playlist posts, please
- I'm still thinking you might have paid too much for that Skynyrd tune...


Cool, thanks Tim! Roger on the Diana Rigg request... (ahem)... As for Skynyrd, is 89 cents too much to pay for a classic rock confessional? Distanced from all the usual cultural baggage (and then dropped into a set that also features Gary War, Flipper, and Massive Attack), southern rock deepcuts are nothing to fear! -mike

Tim Kastelle

You can tell the experienced DJs - soon you'll be walking around trying to figure out how to make the Gustav Mahler to Pat Benatar to Banana Melt segue that you've always been dreaming of...

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